Apple Care and Companion offers a wide array of companionship type home care services.

Why are companionship services so important?

It is a fact that senior isolation can increase depression and high blood pressure, feelings of loneliness can negatively affect physical and mental health, and social isolation can make seniors more vulnerable to elder abuse and scams. Loss of a spouse, transportation issues, incontinence issues, and cognitive impairment can all lead to social isolation.  Many seniors are afraid to leave the house due to balance issues and their fear of falling. Often times one spouse won’t leave the other spouse alone due to their dementia or mobility issues and will both will become isolated and depressed. Companionship services can help!

The good news is that having a caregiver or companion drop by and visit a few times a week can dramatically make a positive difference in a senior’s life as well as the life of the senior’s spouse and family. Having a companion can allow a senior to successfully age in place in their own home, reduce social isolation, lesson depression and loneliness.

Types of Companionship Services

  • Visiting and conversation in the home, hospital or nursing facility
  • Escorting a senior who lives in memory care or assisted living facility to a restaurant or on other errands and excursions
  • Go out to lunch or a movie
  • Go shopping and do errands together
  • Take senior to the salon for a manicure or hair appointment
  • Accompany to a new senior center or new activity
  • Encourage light exercise
  • Assist with appointment making
  • Assist with house management issues 
  • Assist with meal planning and preparation
  • Transportation and errands
  • Assist to doctor and medical appointments
  • Assistance with pet care
  • Be a positive influence for a senior in a rehab facility
  • Hospital or rehab advocate
  • Overnight sitting in hospital or rehab
  • Standby assistance while bathing
  • Be with senior while in Hospice setting
  • Light housekeeping