What is Live In Home Care?

Live In home care is different than hourly or 24 hour care.

In the right circumstance, Live In home care can be an excellent alternative to an assisted living facility or a nursing home. As long as the senior does not require direct supervision all night long, live in care can work beautifully. If a senior is a fall risk and will not ask for help, Live In home care may not be the best solution. If a senior is a wanderer, hourly care may be needed. Live In care is great for those with early dementia who should not be alone but are still  independent and capable. Live In care is a good option for couples who want to age in place in their own home. Live In care is a great short term solution when one spouse is in the hospital or rehab and the other spouse wants to remain at home during their recovery. Short term  Live In homecare can be utilized post rehab or surgery for just a week or two, until the senior is comfortable and safe on their own again. Live In home care can help a senior live productively and independent while aging in place safely in their own home.  It can become an easy and comfortable relationship for the senior and the caregiver as people are not coming and going all of the time.

Live In Care

At Apple Care and Companion, our goal is to assign 2 caregivers per week for Live In Care. One will work 4 days in a row and the other will work 3 days in a row. The Live In caregiver gets a space (a room or a private area) with a bed, a place to store clothes and personal items and access to a bathroom. All meals and any out of pocket expenses incurred while working are covered by the client. The client will be billed a daily rate for live in care. The caregiver gets 8 hours of sleep time per 24 hours. The caregiver must get at least 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep time or the entire 8 hour period will be billed at an additional agreed upon hourly rate. If the caregiver does get the 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep but assists the client during the 8 hour sleep time period, the actual time logged by the caregiver will be compensated at the hourly rate.

A Live In caregiver can perform the same tasks as hourly care: personal care, transportation, companionship, meals, light housekeeping and more.


Live In Care